PranaPower can help you achieve your full potential. Practice of the 5 elements will bring you closer to the intimate connection with your body and give you a more objective view of your actions and behaviors. Working at observing yourself will bring you the joy of embracing each moment of your life.

The Elements

- Body: Bringing a greater awareness of your body, your temple, will help you realize what effect your attachments, traumas, habits or poor relationships are having on you.



- Mind: By observing your self and reaching back to the traumas you’ve been through you will begin to decode the reason for your responses and actions in all situations.


- Spirit: Achieving an openness of your mind creates a vacuum into which the spirit in whatever form you choose to think of this spirit, into your body and soul.



- Balance: Detaching from your present trauma or fear allows you to step back and review how you live your life, where you spend your time and ask yourself if you are fulfilled on your present path.


- Living in the Present Moment: The pinnacle of it all, living in this instant in time, embracing all that is around you – there you find peace, joy and eternal bliss.


Joel DiGirolamo, All material copyright PranaPower, LLC