All that is important is this one moment in movement. Make the moment important, vital, worth living. Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused. - Martha Graham


Your body is the temple of your spirit, and thus sacred. You should revere this temple. Just as you should exercise good stewardship for all the things around you, you should also provide for your body.

This means you should honor it, treat it with respect and feed it well. Good nutrition and physical exercises are good starts to this aim. Abusing your body by smoking, excessive consumption of drugs, alcohol, caffeine or just ordinary food can destroy your temple. When you destroy your temple it is easy for you to begin destroying your spirit along with it. Your self-image crumbles and you can begin to experience medical difficulties. Thus begins a slow cycle of decay.

Physical exercise can restore and maintain your body's health. When you perform regular physical exercise you increase your heart rate and get your blood flowing more quickly, thus maintaining muscle tone and helping your body to release toxins. Afterward, if you listen to your body, you will feel refreshed. You will slow down the effects of aging on your body, improve your self-image and make it easier to feel good about yourself.

When you allow yourself to feel your body more deeply you will find that exercise has a similar effect on your body as tempering does steel. Tempering brings the molecules in the steel to a higher level of excitation by heating it. The steel is then allowed to cool down at varying speeds thus allowing the molecules settle in, or relax into more restful states. When we exercise we similarly bring the cells in our bodies to higher levels of excitation and then when we relax, the cells in our body will settle down to a lower, more stable and relaxed state. We have effectively reduced the tension of every cell in our bodies!

Joel DiGirolamo, All material copyright PranaPower, LLC