The business world has become especially stressful since the September 11 attacks in the United States. The world economy is finally turning the corner but monumental challenges remain.

This stress can be a good thing when it forces us to take a new look at the path our lives are on. Balance is the key word. As we struggle to keep our businesses afloat we often neglect our families, loved ones and others in our lives.

PranaPower offers a way for you to look at the balance, or lack of balance in your life, and introduces techniques for you to use to get your life back into some resemblance of order.

PranaPower will help your employees focus on what is important to them and to your company so that they can be the most productive employees for you.

PranaPower can help you:
• Find what’s important for you
Business, Life Goals
• Help your workers focus on priorities and goals
• Balance the goals of your company
• Build a corporate culture that will help your employees develop their full potential

Help managers feel secure in their positions so they will feel free to let their employees excel
Once you get track you will lead a much happier, more fulfilled life and success and profits will follow.

Download an overview of the Balance for Business program.
Balance for Business.pdf

PranaPower is available for consulting, seminars or workshops for businesses of all sizes. Contact us for a program customized to your business.


GO Women – The Modern Spiritual Quest Workshop, April 2002
Joel taught an unprecedented workshop for our program, GO Women. It was both inspirational and informative; simultaneously meditative and motivating. The first half of the three-hour seminar was devoted to why spirituality is important to human beings and the second half provided an overview of four of the world's great religions. Interspersed throughout these discussions were physical activities which helped to illustrate their meanings.

Joel's teaching and writing abilities are simultaneously thorough and relaxed. He is open and receptive to new ideas and has a keen ability to distill disparate views into coherent, meaningful patterns. Inclusive and accepting of the belief systems of all cultures and subcultures, Joel breathes fresh air into the arena of spiritual scholarship and growth. We like to consider him our own personal new age Huston Smith.

-- Frances Figart, creator and founder of Greater Opportunities for Women and magazine editor for the National Tour Association.

Joel DiGirolamo, All material copyright PranaPower, LLC