About the Names and Symbols

The name PranaPower is a conjunction of two empowering words. Prana is Sanskrit (the scriptural language of ancient India) for the vital energy, or life-breath. When we breath in we inhale this energy which becomes part of our bodies. Combining prana with the word power explains what we do. We introduce ways that people can become empowered to focus their lives on a path of peace and bliss.

Symbols have been created for each of the concepts that PranaPower promotes.

Body is depicted by a person in the yoga warrior pose.



Mind is represented by the lotus flower which is a symbol of cleansing, or purity in Buddhism. By cleansing our minds we can emerge to more peaceful lives.


Spirit is shown by the dove, which is often seen in Christian symbolism.



Balance is seen in this depiction of weights balancing on a scale.


Living in the Present Moment brings all aspects of our life into focus, so that we can see more clearly, without attachments or throwbacks to past hurts or traumas.


Joel DiGirolamo, All material copyright PranaPower, LLC