PranaPower is about your life journey. PranaPower exists to increase awareness of yourself, to learn what motivates you, what drives your behavior and how to better deal with trauma in your life. PranaPower will open your eyes and mind to an understanding of the powerful forces surrounding us and introduce ways to embrace these forces so that they may be harnessed to bring love and peace into your life.

PranaPower’s mission is to empower people and businesses by bringing awareness of universal concepts. Knowledge and experience of these concepts will allow people to have more fulfilled, productive lives.

Businesses will achieve higher productivity with a greater respect for company workers and a greater sense of involvement in the community.

PranaPower, LLC is a company that offers workshops, seminars, personal direction or coaching and business consulting in order to bring greater fulfillment into your life.

Major elements used to bring these changes about include body, mind, spirit, balance and living in the present moment. PranaPower can introduce these elements to you and your business with the goal of making them an integral part of your life. PranaPower will introduce you to increasing your awareness of the world around you through ancient, time-tested concepts.

With an understanding of these concepts and self observation you will be able to make better choices in your life and become more authentic in your dealings with others. You will be able to better understand your fears and traumas and learn why you react and behave as you do.

Joel DiGirolamo, All material copyright PranaPower, LLC